Best States for Healthcare 2019

Recent polls identify healthcare as a leading concern for Americans. One aspect of healthcare that is a growing challenge for people across the nation is the difficulty of finding and paying for healthcare. It is much tougher in some states than others.

To help people understand how where they live might affect the healthcare they receive, created a proprietary study of the best and worst states for healthcare. Here are some examples from the study to illustrate how big a difference where you live can make to the healthcare you receive:

  • The infant mortality rate in Mississippi is more than twice that of Massachusetts and four other states
  • Available nursing-home capacity in South Dakota is less than a third than it is in Indiana
  • You are more than twice as likely to find an available hospital bed in Idaho and six other states than in New York
  • The District of Columbia has more than three times as many patient-care doctors per capita as Mississippi

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