Bad kissingen’s new spa director doesn’t like quick fixes

He still struggles a little with his glasses, takes them off and puts them on again. At the ceremony to mark the 100th. On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the regent building, where he presented himself to the public for the first time, he had left it out for safety's sake. "There's still a lot floating around." But from the age of 40, oette may be consoling, most people help their view with glasses on the jumps.

It's easy to talk to frank oette. When it comes to bad kissingen, he really gets into the black, whether it's about the facilities or the buildings. "What is special about bad kissingen is that it derives its vitality from tradition. A city on the move."

He has already met a number of responsible people who are "in the thick of things" here. In the last two weeks, it was – in bad oeynhausen, not everything has been officially handed over yet – more often here. "The mayor accompanied me, introduced me to many people, and ms. Schallenkammer gave me a good introduction." In the staatsbad gmbh has introduced itself. 120 of the 160 employees were present: "employees are the most valuable asset of any company."

Good working climate important
Contact is important to him, says the man who has set out to market bad kissingen better. "The basis for good work is a good climate, within the company, with the city and with the state", he says. For this reason, he has already met contacts at the ministry of finance in munich. For you, as for all with whom he deals, he promises to have an open ear and to be reachable. Driven by the awareness that everything that a state-owned spa company does is for people, for the people of bad kissingen, for those from the region, for the guests. This can only succeed with the unity of the city, the public baths company and the service providers. "Not competent for it", frank oette doesn't think there should be such an answer.

He enjoys his job and has found a home in the city for himself and his wife. "I would like to be a part of this city, both professionally and privately, and I will be seen in the cityscape", he promises. How and where he wants to follow his footballing inclinations, however, is not decided. But he remains loyal to the "red devils of the betzenberg" connected. "It has been like this since birth." And this is true even in difficult times.

Champions league
To journalists at the municipal spa in bad oeynhausen, oette had already called bad kissingen the "champions league" he describes the company to which he is moving. What he means is that he experiences – and has experienced – the city as something very special. He used to come to summer concerts in kissing with his wife and parents. In the meantime, he has done some research, read, talked, seen more and says: "bad kissingen's potential is not only in the area of health." It has great tourist potential, not least thanks to its cultural offerings "this profile needs to be strengthened." He also wants to address new target groups: "those who will be 50 or older in ten years "basically those like me", smiles the 40-year-old.

When asked about his best characteristic, he answers: "patience", but at the same time admits that he can also get very impatient on rare occasions. With patience he wants to learn the ropes. "I must have seen everything, talked to everyone." He thinks little of being asked after the famous 100 days what he has achieved. "I'm not a politician after all", he says "only a political person." In his professional life so far, he hasn't needed a party card for this and is convinced: "ultimately, it's about the matter at hand, and you don't need a party card to make decisions about matters."

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