Avon’s Dylan Roberts braces for public-option insurance battle

By David O. Williams | Vail Daily

With a pitched battle brewing in the state legislature over his signature “public option” health insurance bill (HB19-1004) from last session, state Rep. Dylan Roberts, D-Avon, is urging calm before the coming storm.

Sponsored in the state senate last session by Vail Democrat Kerry Donovan, the bill directed state insurance regulators to draft a proposal for a state option insurance plan — a proposal that was vetted in stakeholder meetings around the state before being presented to the legislature earlier this month. Roberts is now working on a bill based on some version of that plan.

“The governor’s proposal is just that — a proposal,” Roberts said. “Now it’s back in the legislature’s hands, and Sen. Donovan and I and others — hopefully Rep. Marc Catlin (R-Montrose), who was on 1004 last year — are going to be crafting a bill that works for as many people as possible.

“We’re not just going to accept the proposal carte blanche and put it in a bill,” he added. “We’re doing a lot of work.”

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