“Advances” to the 65. Birthday of burgermeister ritter

Karin ritter celebrated her 65th birthday. Birthday. On her honorary day, the popular mayor of reichenbach was delighted to receive many congratulators, beautiful musical performances as well as lots of warm words and original gifts.

As funny and humorous as the young-at-heart birthday boy was the happy birthday party organized by the community of reichenbach, which was more like a party than a reception. The "party-reception was not held in a public building, but at the jubilarian’s home – outdoors because the weather was so nice.

As is customary on such an occasion, there were also some grub words, but all of them were very entertaining and cheerful – and also one or the other "avance" was not missing…

The burial of the numerous reichenbacher, club representatives as well as representatives of the public life was incumbent on the second mayor rudi neubauer. Knowing that the birthday boy is not a fan of long speeches, he kept it short.

Instead of a resume, which, according to ritter, often "sound like eulogies, he preferred to give an insight into their local political commitment. "I think we don’t need to hide ourselves away. We have achieved a lot for our community in the past few years", their deputy showed himself proud. Under ritter’s leadership, a lot has been achieved for the community, all the important infrastructure tasks have been tackled and a lot of work has been done.

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