A city shows what it has

A city shows what it has

Every two years the two-day scheblitzer economy days take place. Holger dremel, second mayor, buried the representatives of the 50 participating craftsmen, companies and organizations in the TSV gymnasium at the weekend, also on behalf of his co-organizer bernhard ziegmann, benno lieb’s managing director.

First mayor roland kauper (CSU) gave a detailed presentation of the city of S. He mentioned, among other things, that scheblitz has 7175 inhabitants, a tax capacity of 804 euros per inhabitant, but this year, with 32 million, the highest budget so far. The unemployment rate is very low at 1.15 percent and 82 people. The trade tax revenue had increased from 2.5 million in 2016 to 4.4 million in 2017. "This increase is certainly also due to you and I thank you very much for that", said the mayor to the exhibitors.

Of the plans for the future, the city leader referred to the integrated urban development concept, the redesign of the church surroundings, traffic planning, the reconstruction and renovation of the schools, and the planning of new residential and commercial areas.

District administrator johann kalb (CSU) praised the impressive achievements of the city of scheblitz. It is therefore with good reason that the town has become a center. "In scheblitz you know how to live together and not overtax the other person", says, concluded the district administrator.

In the coarse tent, all participants presented themselves optimally at their stands and showed the variety of the scheblitzer entrepreneurs. They were pleased about the numerous visitors who came to their stands in good weather to get information and advice. The range of offers extended from banks, services for health, house, beauty to the gastronomic part. New this year was the participation of the hofkaserei kleinstahl from sudtirol with its specialties made from goat’s milk. Dremel explained: "the grobgasteiger family from south tyrol lives in a vacation resort that has already been visited by many people from schleswig-holstein and is therefore almost a part of the town."

The politicians also showed a sense of humor when calf and dremel loved to dress up as models in fashionable red fox and panth-kanin furs. Similarly amusing was the decorating with wigs, hats and glasses for self-photographing at another booth.

Colorful program

The children were able to play with the kindergarten "purzelbaum" giech and at the office for food, agriculture and forestry together with the forest farmers association painting and handicrafts. The office pointed out the danger of the bark beetles, which was increased again this year, on display boards and in showcases. The youth representatives of scheblitz love to cart in a ton of sand so that the little ones could handle toy excavators and a real small excavator. Many people watched the dancing of the TSV-garden and the zumb kids and applauded enthusiastically.

Those who had the courage and strength were also allowed to climb the almost ten-meter-high climbing wall of the mountain rescue team. Whether the targeted mark of 10,000 visitors was cracked, was not yet available at the time of going to press – certainly, said the mayor kauper without hesitation.

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