A beautiful career

Daniela lippert’s curriculum vitae shows a steep success curve: after qualifying from secondary school, she first completed an apprenticeship as a hairdresser. After that, the euerdorf native attended the master school in erfurt, where she received her master’s certificate at the age of just 18 and was also honored for it.
After that, the young woman started another apprenticeship, this time as a cosmetician in a hotel in bad kissingen. "I really wanted to become a cosmetician. That was my absolute dream job", says lippert. The fact that she is living this dream as a chamber winner and second national winner makes the 21-year-old particularly happy.
Currently, the euerdorf resident has become a swiss by choice. She signed up for a year to work in the beauty department of a four-star hotel in samnaun. There, the cosmetician is responsible for facials, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, ayurvedic treatments, hot stone massage and much more. Guests come from austria, germany, switzerland and several other countries. "With this profession I can make people happy. This is a particularly special aspect", explains the 21-year-old, who is clearly enthusiastic about her profession.
But daniela can also recall moments when a customer wasn’t quite so happy: "a man had his chest waxed," she says. He bravely sat on the chair at the beginning of the treatment until the first wax application was removed. He cried out loudly. He was obviously shocked that depilation can hurt so much. But he was brave and even loved to wax his back, and in the end you could hardly tell the screams from the laughter", the cosmetician remembers.
Male customers are still in the minority. But it is becoming more and more accepted. Not only massages, but also facials have been requested more often now, says lippert.
The language of the swiss is no problem for the woman from euerdorf: "there are no language barriers. I understand the swiss very well, probably also because our family has friends in switzerland." The distance to home is more problematic. "My mother was a bit sad when i took up the position in samnaun", explains lippert. "But there is skype, so that we have regular contact." Her boyfriend has already visited her more often at her new place of work. At the moment lippert is on vacation in the market community. "During this time I try to visit as many friends as possible. Besides, a year is quickly over."
Then lippert goes back to school to become a cosmetics specialist. How it continues after that? "I don’t know yet, but I would like to stay in the area", says the young woman. Apparently the euerdorf area can compete with the swiss mountains.

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