45 Years in service for the vg teuschnitz

45 years in service for the vg teuschnitz

After almost 45 years of service, the head of the administrative office of the teuschnitz administrative district (VG), thomas weber, is retiring on 30 march at 18:00. Aprils retires. He received a certificate at the community meeting. The board of directors has played a major role in all the projects of VG, which has been in existence since 1978. VG chairwoman gabriele weber (CSU), who is retiring at the same time, was full of praise for the managing official.

After graduating from high school, he entered the 1. November 1975 as a candidate for the higher civil service in the city of teuschnitz. One of his many tasks was to keep the up to seven independently working authorities together. He ensured a uniform structure and compliance with the regulations. Implementation of the current law.

Never missed a meeting

"It’s quite something to be employed at the same company for 45 years", emphasized the chairwoman. Thomas weber had led the administration for the benefit of the member communities with great commitment and farsightedness and had played a decisive role in shaping it. What made him stand out was that he took part in all the meetings and events. The city council, VG and school meetings alone may have been over 1000. The changes did not stop at the administration, where he was also the superior of the employees as the head of the company.

The chairwoman also thanked her personally. In the 18 years of cooperation, he has been a friend and an indispensable guarantor of reliability for them. "Without your dedicated work and hands-on, loyal and humorous manner, we would not have reached many milestones, she announced. Deputy VG chairman and tschirn’s mayor peter klinger (CSU) and reichenbach’s mayor karin ritter (SPD) also thanked him for his many years of service.

The soon-to-be-retired driver looked back on a wonderful, very varied time. He had experienced many political, social and administrative changes firsthand. He entered retirement with a positive feeling and the certainty that the course was well set in terms of personnel. In sven schuster, he has a successor who he is sure will continue to act in the best interests of the VG. "I enjoyed the work", he said. After almost 45 years of service, he, born in 1954, certainly deserves his retirement.

Gabriele weber looks back

Gabriele weber looked back on the years from 2002 to 2020, during which she was able to accompany the VG as chairwoman. The work is structured differently from a unified municipality – with much more administrative work, but on the other hand also maintaining a small-scale structure that corresponds well to the federal administrative structure.

"It can be stated that even in an administrative unit with several authorities, the work can be done well, efficiently and close to the castle", she said. "Employees, citizens and visitors should feel at home in the town hall as an administrative center."

Teuschnitz was one of the first municipalities to take up the "digital town hall" offer of the freestate in claim. The VG works internally with the three member communities, but also with the ARGE rennsteig and the pressig school association. "Our authorities and the member authorities have always been able to rely on the administration. She works close to the burghers and always has an open ear for their concerns", she said.

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