15,000 Copper nails hold the slate

15,000 copper nails hold the slate

"Renovating the roof of the town hall really wasn’t a luxury," said mayor peter kornell (G) at monday’s town council meeting. After a good six months of construction, the renovation of the town hall roof is now complete. During construction work, it became apparent that several beams were rotten and water was seeping through the roof in numerous places.

With the help of light pictures, architect roland schicker served the city council members the various construction phases, which began in may with the removal of the old slates. Because the slate contained asbestos, it had to be disposed of permanently. The roof beam was then uncovered. The carpenters replaced the damaged beams. Even before the roof could be re-roofed, a storm caused water damage to the building. According to kornell, strong gusts of wind had torn away the protective tarpaulins and allowed moisture to seep in. "We got off lightly," says the city leader. It had rained ten liters per square meter.

"Thank god there was insurance for the renovation work on the roof," kornell explained. In the end, the town did not suffer any financial damage.

After the attic had been dried, the rafters were "boarded up" and covered with a foil. The installation of the new slate tiles was an enormous effort. According to schicker, around 15,000 copper nails were hammered into the beams to secure the black slate panels. The architect paid great respect to the craftsmen for their difficult and clean work. Before the tower could be dismantled for the volkach wine festival, a crack in the natural stone ridge turret had to be repaired.

Kornell was more than satisfied with the cost result. The project had been estimated at 119,576 euros. Schicker put the actual costs after completion of the project at 115,992 euros. The city received grants from the bavarian state foundation (13,500 euros) and from the district of lower franconia (3,500 euros). The office for the protection of historical monuments will also participate with a grant, the amount of which has not yet been determined.

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