The institute should explore whether and how information from the internet can help in the assessment of creditworthiness. In view of "some misunderstandings in the public" about the agreed research approach and reactions based on it, such a scientific project cannot be carried out unencumbered and with the necessary calm, explained HPI director christoph meinel on friday.

Although schufa and HPI had emphasized that this was exclusively an open-ended research project, the idea came under massive fire from politicians of all parties and data protectionists on thursday. "Schufa must not become the big brother of business," warned consumer affairs minister ilse aigner (CSU). Justice minister sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger (FDP) also made it clear that she sees no scope for such ideas. It was already clear at this point that schufa would not be able to implement the findings of the three-year project.

Bmw sets sales record

"We expect sales to continue to develop positively in the coming months. We are thus fully on track to achieve a new best mark in deliveries for the full year."Growth was driven by the smaller models – the BMW 1 series, the X1, the new 3 series sedan and the mini countryman. Since the beginning of the year, the top seller in the luxury class segment has sold almost 1.16 million cars, almost eight percent more than in the same period last year.

In europe, BMW got back on track in august, with sales up five percent. This means that the group has been able to keep sales stable at 547,400 vehicles since the beginning of the year – bucking the industry trend. BMW now expects a boost from the new 3-series station wagon, which will be launched in europe in the next few days. In germany, sales slumped by 22.7 percent in august. Here, the 3 series station wagon is the group’s most important model.

the church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz celebrated a lively festival

Assuming the church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz received one million euros, which had to be invested in children’s and youth work. What would the prospective members of the church board want to spend it on: a bobby car race track in the peace church or ipads for the confirmation students?? These and other tricky – though not entirely serious – questions had to be faced by the future church board members at the community festival of the wildenheid-meilschnitz church congregation in a mock church board meeting.

But it was not only the prospective members of the church board who were introduced to the congregation at the community festival. Lisa meyer zu horste, wildenheid’s new pastor, will continue to live in neustadt with her husband – the parsonage in wildenheid was therefore empty until thursday. Now two pastors, rolf lakemann and his wife, have moved into the parsonage, and visitors to the community festival had the opportunity to meet them both. "I am the school commissioner for sudthuringen and therefore not bound to any parish house," she added, said rolf lakemann. That’s why he was allowed to choose his own apartment and had been looking for a place to live with his family. "We never thought we would end up in bavaria – or especially in franconia", he explained. Rolf lakemann and his wife have a special connection to franconia: "we both met in franconia."

Associations warn of 'e-scooter chaos'

Less than a month after the approval of e-treadrollers, traffic associations have drawn a critical interim balance sheet. In view of the first accidents, the german road safety council and the german automobile association (ADAC) called for better information about safety hazards.

Some serious accidents have been reported in berlin and other cities since the permit was issued, christian kellner, chief executive of the traffic safety council, told the german press agency. "This shows how dangerous riding e-scooters is and how much it is underestimated by some people"."

Sparkasse munich announces 28.000 savings contracts

The munchner sparkasse is the largest municipal financial institution in germany to date to offer a 28 percent stake in the company.000 premium savings contracts.

The fifth largest savings bank in germany justifies this with the costs due to the zero interest rate policy of the european central bank (ECB). In addition, munich’s savings bank bosses reserve the right to terminate old contracts as of 1 january 2009. October of new customers with credit balances of more than 100.000 euro on checking or cash account penalty interest. The purpose of this announcement: the savings bank wants to prevent its deposits from growing too much. This was first reported by munich newspapers.

Britons hoard swiss watches

According to the swiss watch industry association in biel, exports to the uk increased by 76 percent in march compared to the same period last year.

The brits were building up stocks because it was not clear whether supplies could continue even in the event of a hard brexit, said association expert philippe pegoraro.

Is there a third candidate for tettau?

Lydia muller and peter ebertsch are already known as mayoral candidates for tettau. But did the tettau team, which is playing on 3. November early elections, after hans kaufmann (SPD) resigned from office for health reasons, even the choice between three candidates?

In an anonymous letter to our editors, it says: "in addition to the well-known candidates lydia muller and peter ebertsch, a yet-to-be-founded (or already founded) electoral association is to represent the AKV(aktionsgemeinschaft kleintettauer vereine, anm. D. Editors)-propose chairman werner vetter from kehlbach. This electoral community is said to be quite strong. It is believed that vetter had a good chance."

Untersteinach water dispute: Eichner pulls the reibleine

Surprise in the untersteinach water dispute: by the time of the castle meeting in september, the "pressecklein must not die" initiative will have been approved let their work rest. This was confirmed by helmut bergmann (WGU) when asked by BR. "We have to consider whether it makes sense to stand up for other people. We'll wait and see what the mayor has to say at the castle meeting", he said.

This change of mind was caused by injunctions, which the ferwasserversorgung oberfranken (upper franconia water supply) worked out with a lawyer. Addressees are tobias eichner, who presents the positions of the community of interests on the internet page of "untersteinach transparent" and bernhard herrmann, who had repeatedly emphasized in a public event that the O and the engineering firm baurconsult (the firm that is working out the renovation concepts, anm. D. Editors) were connected "like pitch and sulfur or like a plug and a socket".

The preparation of the walkways along the city wall has caused quite a stir, especially on the social networks. Especially wheelchair and walker users can’t cope with the soft ground. Moreover, the overgrowth was not removed. Frank braun from the planning company braun gives the all-clear.

Mayor helmut blank (CSU) asked the contractor what had gone wrong with the road construction. "The pavements will be renewed on the whole width", says frank braun. Only in the vicinity of the trees will some of the existing structures be removed.

Free access to culture

"Zit euch warma zachan an," writes the girl with the colorful stockings and the bobbing pigtails on the green slate board that stands at the edge of the rough stage in the old synagogue. The audience laughs only sporadically; the majority can’t read or write any more than pippi langstrumpf, astrid lindgren’s heroine in the play "pippi celebrates christmas". The audience consists of hundreds of kindergarten children from kitzingen. And they might never have met the cash-rich resident of the villa kunterbunt – if it weren’t for bernhard lenz.

The kitzingen businessman, former managing partner of heinrich huppmann gmbh, together with "jungstil," the youth work department of the city of kitzingen, invited 270 children from the daycare centers in kitzingen and the surrounding areas to a morning of theater.